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Biomedical Engineering


The department of BME is equipped with laboratories such as Diagnostic And Therapeutic Equipment, Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Human Anatomy And Physiology, Bio Chemistry And Pathology are well maintained and modernized with optimal facilities for students to enhance their knowledge. The laboratories of BME department are engaged with current version of software such as MATLAB, LABVIEW, MULTISIM, and PROTEUS along with hardware equipments for measuring blood pressure, blood flow, body conductivity and more.

Biomedical Instrumentation Lab

Biomedical Instrumentation Lab enables in Design and construction of the  medical instruments and in understanding the aspects of signal and image processing, computer integration, and software development. Written & communication skills are emphasized through the laboratory report organization, documentation of results, error analysis and interpretation of various practical findings.

Biochemistry Lab

Biochemistry is the science in which chemistry is applied to the study of living organisms and the atoms and molecules which comprise living cells. In this lab students learn the chemistry of living things. Here study of organic molecules and their chemical reactions are analyzed understanding the relations of molecular biology and the biological processes which take place in cells and organism. In this lab Students learn on how to find uses for bio-molecules & are alternatively taught for exploring innovative substitutes for a usual bio-molecule thereby discovering bio molecular novel products.

Human Physiology Lab

Human Physiology is the study of the basic functions of human body. In this laboratory students investigate on the various attributes of organ functions at the level of cells, tissues, organ systems and the whole body. The lab facilitates the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms that operate in a living organism and how they interact. Besides satisfying a natural curiosity about how humans function, here students learn the importance of physiology ad study the various advances in perceiving the disease and the ability to treat it more effectively using advance methodologies. The psychological lab helps in exploring the human body from philosophical viewpoints, helping the students to understand the plethora of bio science, through which subjective knowledge is transformed into practical experience and how behavioral learning can be controlled.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Lab

The Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment's lab is equipped with specialized and general purpose computer based data acquisition systems that enable students to perform experiments based on the recording and analysis of signals associated with the cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and respiratory systems. The lab workstations have industry standard programming software like Math works MATLAB to filter, process, and evaluate experimentally acquired data, allowing for a more accurate assessment of the recorded signals and the correlation with the biological basis of their origin. The lab was intentionally designed to serve as a multipurpose teaching facility to support fundamental curricular objectives that include biomedical engineering concepts and signal analysis concepts imparted in Biomedical Signals and Analysis.

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