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Computer Science and Engineering


  • Computer labs equipped with about 250 computer sets with the latest configurations and the state-of -the-art software.
  • All the computer systems are connected by LAN & 24 hour's Internet connectivity is provided for the benefit of students as well as faculty members.
  • The Department is equipped with all requisite structure like D-Link certified Network lab with an excellent Internet facility of 45 MBPS Optical Fiber connectivity and state-of-art computing facilities and with "Microsoft Campus Agreement" which provides genuine Microsoft products to the students.
  • Windows and LINUX software packages, Multimedia, animation and various editing packages are made available to create simulated environments to suit not only the curriculum very well but also to go beyond it.


This lab aims at providing students the knowledge about the Database Environment. Students are made familiar with Oracle Software and Visual Basic, .Net. It provides modern computational and research facilities to undergraduate students. In this lab DBMS lab and Fundamentals of Data structures lab is conducted.

The major objective of this lab is to provide a strong formal foundation in database concepts, technology and practice to the participants to groom them into well-informed database application developers.  Further the students also use this lab to present SQL and procedural interfaces to SQL comprehensively, to give an introduction to systematic database design approaches covering conceptual design, logical design and an overview of physical design a to give a good formal foundation on the relational model of data.


To provide knowledge about problem solving using tools and techniques, students are made familiar with C, C++, JAVA, Python programming. It provides modern computational and research facilities to undergraduate students. In this lab Python lab, C Programming Lab, OOAD lab and Data structures lab is conducted.

The primary purpose of this lab is to introduce the language of C and Python to solve engineering problems and to provide students with a core understanding of the features of C and Python language. This lab introduces students to basic concepts of programming methodology and programming tools through a combination of lectures, tutorials, assignments and tests.


This laboratory highlights on areas of cloud computing concepts, basics and practices. Students get exposed to tool kits for grid and cloud environment and are familiar with developing web services/Applications. Students learn to run virtual machines of different configuration and usage of Hadoop. The components and structure of mobile application development frameworks for Android and windows OS based mobiles helps them to design and implement various mobile applications using emulators. This lab also caters to the curriculum of post Graduate students. In this lab Mobile Application Development lab, cloud computing lab and security lab is conducted.

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