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International Womens Day - Celebration 2021

Women of the world want and deserve an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes and violence; a future that’s sustainable, peaceful, with equal rights and opportunities for all. To get us there, the world needs women at every table where decisions are being made.

The International Women’s Day, which was observed on 8th March, 2019 was celebrated at SMK FOMRA Institute of technology. Dr.Ushaa Eswaran , CEO, SEAK Foundation and Dr. P.B. Premalatha was invited as the Chief guest of the day.  The limelight was on the tireless works or activities of some women who have worked extraordinarily in their fields.

The chief guests were offered a floral welcome by the the Joint correspondent Ms. Neha FOMRA. The inaugural note was delivered by Dr. A.Saravanan, Principal, SMKFIT.   The Chief guests presented their views regarding this special occasion. In their address, they brought out the role of woman in family and society. They concurred that women’s day is to celebrate the achievements of women in various fields and also to express our respect, appreciation & love towards the most powerful gender 

On this occasion, there were various events of celebrations and deliberations performed by the students of the college. Students, too, shared their views on woman empowerment and ongoing scenarios. A cultural show was carried out which emphasized the role of women in the society. .

Coordinator :
Mrs. R. Selvi,

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