Department of Computer Science and Engineering



The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was established in the year 2001. The department laboratory has earned well defined reputation in the academic community for giving our student access to some of the latest computing hardware and software. There are a sufficient number of high-end systems, so that no computer need be shared.

Students are exposed to the latest commercial software in database management systems, case tools, integrated development environments, compiler, web servers etc.

The Department has well-qualified  faculty members who are specialized in areas like artificial Intelligence, neural networks, Computer Architecture, programming languages, Internet, DBMS, programming, networking, software engineering and multimedia applications. Students are encouraged and trained in order to face the challenges of the competitive world and are equipped with the knowledge and skills required in the industrial and technical sectors. Students are also encouraged to carry out mini-projects for their future .

projects Students are encouraged in the beginning of the third year itself to register for their project with reputed IT companies. In fact the Computer Science Engineering Department contacts the top ranking software companies to find project work, and summer training for our students.

To conduct special seminars covering latest developments and trends in the field of Computer Science, a fully equipped Seminar Hall with seating capacity of 100 is attached with the department. The equipments cover Over Head Projectors, LCD projector, and a dedicated laptop.

Expanding the teaching and learning process, the department is ISO9001 certified. Unit Tests are conducted once a month and the students are counseled and motivated to bring out their best performance. Feedback is obtained regularly from the students. Staff are appraised by the students, self, Head of the Department and the Head of the Institution.

Some of the important aspects of the Anna University prescribed curriculum includes Database Management, Computer networks, security and computer design through subjects such as computer architecture, system software, microprocessors and their applications.

In order to increase the employability potential of students topics beyond the practical curriculum such as system administration is taught.

Other salient features of the department:

Students are encouraged to participate in various forums, technical and non-technical
Opportunities for Faculties to take up Quality Improvement Programs.
The department has got a technical association called ZENITH with activities through out the
 year to develop the leadership, organizational and technical skills of the students.
The department has got a department library consisting of text books, and reference books.
The department has got a laboratory fully equipped with state-of –art equipments..
Most of our students are member of professional bodies like Computer Society of India(CSI)


The Computer Science and Engineering program offers various subjects in the following fields:

Programming Language

The programming languages taught include C, C++, Visual C++ and Java that can be used to implement coding for certain software and its applications.

Database Management System

This system is highly beneficial in assisting students to create a database and to maintain it. It plays a vital role in real-time projects that include Oracle and Microsoft-Access.


Areas such as Computer Networks, Computer Architectures, Digital System, Microprocessor and Network Protocols and Security Management help the students in applying their knowledge in the various hardware sections of a computer and its networks. It also elucidates sending data within a system and across a network.

Software Engineering

The subjects Software Engineering, Software Testing and Case Tools explain the checking and maintaining of a particular application or product. The program curriculum also incorporates a number of Engineering Mathematics subjects that are related to this field. These help in promoting students' skills in their respective fields of specialization.


Apart from the core subjects, Students are offered optional subjects such as electives in the 6 th , 7 th & 8 th semesters.

These subjects play a role in helping them understand and study advanced concepts in Computer Science and Engineering such as Advanced Operating Systems, Advanced Database, Embedded Systems, Data warehousing, Data Mining, Advanced Computer Architecture, Grid Computing, Soft Computing, Robotics and High Speed Networks.