Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communication

Today, we are at the peak of the information technology age, and communication engineering plays a vital role in today’s rapidly changing world. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) contributes by producing efficient and resourceful engineers with research &development capabilities. 

The ECE Department has well qualified and highly experienced  faculty members with areas of specialization that include Embedded Systems, Applied Electronics, and VLSI design.The department has technologically advanced equipment and air-conditioned laboratories. Students are given vast amount of practical exposure through the use of innovative methodologies in the design and development of electronics, which is the backbone for all engineering disciplines.

  • The department has well established labs with latest technological equipments.
  • A department library consisting of text books, reference books, student project reports, conference proceedings, faculty development program materials etc., is functional. Faculty and the students of the department have got access to the department library.
  • The department has got a technical association called EFFECTUATE with  activities through out the year to develop the leadership, organizational and technical skills of the students.
  • Opportunities for students to participate in various forums, technical and non-technical, such as symposium, workshops and conferences are provided.
  • Opportunities for students to take up industry based project & in-house projects are given.
  • Opportunities for faculties to take up Quality Improvement Programs (QIP)., study leave, FDPs & attending conferences, workshops and seminars are given.
  • Good Placement Opportunities in well established organizations and MNCs., are provided.


Electron devices are the fundamentals of electronics and communication engineering. Students are given in-depth knowledge about electronic components used in circuits. And the curriculum goes deeper in explaining the process of making real time electronic circuits. Students also learn about Electronic circuits and Digital Electronics. Additionally, students also have practice hours that help in enhancing their knowledge about the devices they work on.

The curriculum also gives students information of how a signal is being generated and how it can be transmitted through a system. ‘Signals and Systems' is a specific subject area that is taught in detail. In ‘Digital Signal Processing', the digital signals generated are processed using different transforms for different applications. Communication Theory is a subject where they learn to design communication system such as transmitters and receivers.

‘Microprocessors and Applications' guide students in understanding the architecture of the latest chips in the market and programming using assembly language. The various Electromagnetic fields generated from circuits and devices are also analyzed and studied.

Wave-guides are used for the transmission of waves. In ‘Antennas and Wave propagation', students learn techniques that will equip them with the necessary skills to design different types of Antennas which are used for the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

VLSI design helps students understand how a very large number of devices are integrated into a single chip. This can be used for several functions and to enhance the performance of a device.

Technical group Discussions & Technical Aptitude Tests are conducted in our well equipped labs thereby helping students improve their knowledge on the latest developments across the field of communication.


In the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, electives are offered to help students benefit from their projects and also add to their areas of professional development. Subjects such as Object Oriented Programming, Power Electronics, Digital Image Processing, High Performance Networks and Satellite Communication are options that enable students in gaining a better grasp of their projects. Staff members who are specialized in specific areas of Communication Engineering help students understand their projects better and guide them at every step.