Women Empowerment Club

Women Empowerment Cell

A humble start...on a steady pace...

There is a need to make women conscious of their conditions of subordination and constraints and to create a new sensibility to make her understand her real worth and also to remove the prejudices against women in the mind of society as a whole. Though women in ancient India were treated with high regard and women seers like Sulabha, Gargi, Maitreyi and Aparna to mention a few have contributed equally for the upliftment of the society. In the present era there is no gender equality.

On one side we speak of technological explosion and globalization but on the other side women are still treated as subordinates with regard to their needs and interest. There is a necessity to redistribute the power and resources in order to make men and women realize that they are equal partners of society.

The management of the college has always been extending a strong support to all its women employees and the girl students. We the SMKFIT’ans have immense pleasure in starting the Women Empowerment Cell in 2013.

Women constitute more than half the country's population. The SMKFIT is no exemption having nearly 500 girl students both in UG and PG courses. Hence to protect and safeguard the rights of girl students and to bring about the advancement, and to empower them, "WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CELL" was instituted in the year 2013.

All teaching and non teaching women staff constitutes the members of the committee. To boost the morale of the girl students the committee conducts various activities with an objective of empowering the girl students and counseling in times of need.

Cell to prevent sexual harassment:

  • To educate the teaching and nonteaching faculty and students towards gender sensitisation.

  • To work towards various aspects of women empowerment.

  • To enlighten the women students about legal rights of women.

  • To conduct awareness programme on legal literacy to women as the girl students mostly hail from surrounding villages.

The members of the women empowerment cell work with the specific objective of sensitizing the women of the issues like girl child infanticide, importance of girl child, girl child education, women legal rights, legal literacy, health and hygiene.