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SMK FOMRA Institute of Technology


FOMRA Group of Companies

Fomra Electricals

FOMRA Electricals was founded in 1966 about 50 years ago by the prodigy that was Shri Kanhaiyalalji Fomra. Ever since, it has prestigiously evolved into becoming a national presence for reliable electrical equipment and components of unparalleled quality. Even today, FOMRA Electricals prides itself in servicing the most prominent clientele across India.

As the field of Electrical Engineering expands, not only in size but also in sophistication and complexity and as a result, reliability of electric equipment has become a paramount consideration. Quality ensures safety. FOMRA Electricals, with its total and unrelenting dedication to ensuring quality at a reasonable price, is doing yeoman service by ensuring the availability of the latest technology and equipment across India. FOMRA remains the obvious choice for industries that are looking to source efficient and long-lasting electrical equipment. FOMRA believes in uncompromised quality and is best described by the title “The Complete Solutions Provider”, across the electrical domain.

Fomra Housing and Infrastructure

Ever since it was established up in 2007, Fomra has been associated with quality, pride, consistency and immense trust. FOMRA has been a name for faith and the FOMRA Housing and infrastructures are pioneers of exceptional craftsmanship, continually co-joining passion with countless elements of design. The foremost precedence of business is to enthrall, delight and spread smiles across the faces of our customers and their loved ones by providing value to their investments.

FOMRA’s are $100 million USD business group based out of Chennai, South India with exquisite projects that have transformed the skyline of Chennai over the last decade. Today the firm is a lead in the industrial, commercial & residential market with prominent presence across Chennai and branches in Coimbatore, Bangalore, Sriperumbudur and Rajahmundry. Fomra Housing and Infrastructure is a mammoth powerhouse that satisfies important human needs. This is the best testimonial for the quality and service that's widely associated with the name FOMRA.

Inspace Technology (IT company)

Inspace Technology provides consultation services to medium and large sized enterprises that require clarity on prospective IT investments or the utilization of one. The purpose of Inspace is to achieve optimal performance of core applications that are used within the IT infrastructure of an organization, and to explore the potential that technology has to offer through customized development of applications.

Inspace undertakes audits on the technological infrastructure and revamps it for thorough going proficiency with a determined focus on business needs. Its new business model allows it to partner with clients rather than a principal company, and implement ERP to accelerate their growth.

Management - About the Trust

The Motilal Kanhaiyalal Fomra Charitable Trust was founded during the year 1995 by Late Shree Kanhaiyalalji Fomra, with a view to promote the cause of education and to help the economically and socially under privileged community & needy students. This is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

  • The trust was established with a vision to improve, extend and assist in erecting hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, Maternity home and places of residence for the aged, poor, needy and the destitute. 
  • The trust was instigated with a scared cause of constructing houses for the purpose of dharmashalas i.e. choultries and for the protection of animals/birds.
  •  The trust envisages providing free medical help to the poor and needy by conducting medical camps.
  •  The trust also aids in conducting camps for the needy and engages in distributing food, clothing and cash grants to provide for other necessities of life without any distinction of sex, creed, or religion and to support relief measures for people in distress affected by famine, earthquake, floods and pestilence.
  • The trust has been involved in providing donations to various orphanages; recue homes and similar institutions and societies.
  • The trust has provided for the payment of school, college fees, boarding & books expenses for the economically backward students.

Governing Council

The Governing Council is collectively responsible for overseeing the institution’s activities, determining its future direction, and fostering an environment in which the institutional Vision and Mission is achieved. Governing Council of SMK FOMRA has been constituted as per the norms of AICTE. The main function is to ensure that the stakeholders, including students, faculty as well as those from the wider society, have full confidence and trust in our institution. All the members who have governance responsibilities and accountabilities, both within and outside institutions carry out their responsibilities effectively in order to achieve the primary objectives for learning, teaching and research. We at FOMRA have identified and selected well known Academicians, Industrialists, distinguished scientists from well known Institutions/Industries/Research Organizations/ besides representatives of the faculty as the nominees of our Governing Council. The members meet regularly and make policy decisions and give guidance and suggestions to implement the necessary course of actions successfully. With their rich experience and background they are guiding the destiny of the Institution so as to occupy a place of eminence in the field of Technical Education.

Members of our Governing Council:

S.No. Name Designation Position in governing Council
1 Shri.SUNDARLAL FOMRA Chairman Chairman
2 Shri.NATWARLAL FOMRA Trustee Member (Management Nominee)
3 Shri.SRIKUMAR FOMRA Trustee & Correspondent Member (Management Nominee)
4 Ms.NEHA FOMRA Joint Correspondent Member (Management Nominee)
5 Shri.SUDHAKAR FOMRA CEO, SMKFIT Member (Management Nominee)
6 Shri. M. SUNDARESAN Regional officer & assistant director (SRO AICTE) Member (AICTE Nominee)
8 Dr.K.BOOPATHY BAGAN Professor, Anna University Member (University Nominee)
9 Dr.USHA EASWARAN Former Principal Member (Academician External)
10 Dr.JAYA PRAKASH Professor,  Anna University Member (Academician External)
11 Dr.K.ANANTHASIVAN Associate Director, IGCAR, Kalpakkam Member (Industry Nominee)
12 Dr.R.K.SURESH Director, AMIRTA University Member (Industry Nominee)
13 Dr.P.ARUNACHALAM Prof and Head(S&H),SMKFIT Member (Academician Internal)
14 Prof.K.KALA Prof and Head(BME), SMKFIT Member (Academician Internal)
15 Dr.A.SARAVANAN Principal SMKFIT Member secretary

Vision and Mission


Our college motto is to enrich and excel.

We envision being one of the world’s leading engineering colleges in the field of education and research by building our own tradition of innovation and academic intervention to meet the changing needs of the society.


  • To impart world class engineering education foster research and development.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship and ultimately mould young minds for a professional career enabling them global engineers.

Chairman Message

SMK Fomra Institute of Technology owes its existence to our Founder Late Shri.Kanhaiyalal Fomra Ji whose dream was to impart quality education to the younger generation. The saga of our success lies in emulating preventative, supportive and corrective discipline among our students. We thrive towards igniting the young minds to achieve excellence in perspectives of education and personal growth.

Each one of our faculty are handpicked and trained to mould our students to industry ready technocrats. Also, the Industry - Institution interaction at our institute is very strong, making it possible for the students to get Internships and Placements in the industry. Some of the courses are being taught in collaboration with industry alongside personality development and soft skill courses that are taught as part of the programs.

Benjamin Franklin once said,
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

Therefore, dear student make the most of it. I wish each and every young mind at SMK Fomra a glorious future ahead.

Correspondent Message

Welome to SMK Fomra, a haven for academic pursuits. SMK Fomra has achieved several accolades to its 20 years of existence and we make sure that we reach the benefits of education to students who come from diverse background. Our astonishing resources include state of art laboratories, smart classrooms, analogy based teaching system, infrastructure, sports arena, dedicated faculty and luscious greenery.

We assure to impart quality education to each one of our students and serve as a perennial source of education. We welcome you to our esteemed organization to search the never ending arch of amalgamated knowledge and explore the untrodden path of opportunities at our campus because, after all education is the most amazing gift that one generation passes on to the next. I firmly believe that if you are not willing to learn, none can help you. But, if you are determined to learn, none can stop you. Therefore, never cease your determination to learn.

Dear students, as you spend your youthful years in this institution, try to develop the right attitude on your personal goals, sense of responsibility, time management, creativity, excellence, human relations and leadership skills.

Everybody knows about Thomas Edison. He had the right attitude towards work. He experimented more than ten thousand times on the light bulb before discovering how it works. He looked upon each attempt not as a failure but as a success that led him one step closer to his ultimate goal. Eventually, he had the credit of being the most prolific inventor in modern history with 1097 devices patented in his name. It was his attitude that paved the way for his success.

Likewise, dear students, keep your focus firmly on the goal you are striving for and do whatever is necessary in order to achieve it.

Joint Correspondent Message

It’s my privilege in welcoming you all to SMK Fomra Institute of Technology, a beacon of knowledge for generations to come. We make sure that students at Forma are instilled with virtues and values of life along with their academic curriculum. The ambience of the campus is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life and is the ideal environment for learning. Our classrooms are spacious and equipped with all the modern facilities of smart classroom.

To bring out technocrats with superior industrial skills and social commitment and to transform each student who steps into Fomra a successful technologist is what we strive for.I would also like to mention that we never cease to magnify the quality of education and make Fomra accommodate the ever changing societal and industrial demands. As the great philosopher Confucius said,

”Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope &Hope breeds peace.”

Thank you

Principal Message

Technology is undergoing a huge metamorphosis. We are witness to unprecedented changes. Newer challenges and opportunities are being created each day. It is in these situations that out of box thinking and solutions are needed. Acquiring new mind sets, knowledge base abreast of latest technology and skill sets to match the needs of the time are sure recipes for success. It is these needs that we believe in cultivating amongst the students in this institution. It is the noble aspiration of this institution to prepare the younger generation of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. I welcome you to this unique learning experience that we offer with an assurance of rewarding success and being part of the FOMRA family.

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